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Kiwi Dreams | Online Development Management,Online Marketing,Online Sales,Social Media | Saturday September 24 2011

Stirling Sports Online is the online sales franchise of the well-known high-street retailer. Kiwi Dreams has been central in the development of the new Stirling Sports Online eCommerce site that launched at the end of July 2011. Kiwi Dreams was contracted to providing marketing advice, design conceptualisation, project management and assist in the selection of suitable service providers taking into account a restricted budget.

Our support of the development of this new site has resulted in the following features;

-          Clear brand identity for Stirling Sports Online with a distinct design built around the national brand logo.

-          The development of clear brand guidelines for external brand supplied slider images, to ensure a powerful home page.

-          Conceptualisation and design of a Stirling Sports character, as a distinct way of adding attitude to the brand. This will be released across the online store and throughout franchises late 2011.

-          Integration of Facebook Connect elements, allowing customers to sign-in and sign-up via Facebook as well as liking and sharing products throughout the store.

-          Inclusion of foreign currency acceptance and overseas shipping, to encourage more sales from the significant traffic originating in the USA, Australia and South America.


Re-launching the site has resulted in a 30% increase in traffic within two months.


We are currently supporting the online management team in the following ways;

-          In recruiting the right skills into the organisation

-          In the development of a clear online marketing strategy, including social commerce, direct marketing and on-site calls to action.

-          Better marketing the site through search engines.


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