Kiwi Dreams

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Kiwi Dreams specialises in  bringing on-line business success to small to medium businesses.  We enable business owners to move out of toiling in their business and start living their dreams.

Our team has a whole range of experience and skills, practised around the world,  that can help businesses excel in all of growth stages and in all areas of operations.

We can help in every area of your business from:

  • Refining your Identity
  • Defining and growing your Brand
  • Gaining and growing a strong online presence
  • Marketing yourself effectively
  • Utilising Social Media and Social Commerce
  • Profiling and structuring your team
  • Refining your processes
  • Structuring your business for success

Kiwi Dreams was born out of the dreams of founders John  Owens and Pam Walton, both of whom have acted as consultants in and owned businesses on both sides of the globe.  They know through their own successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, the special challenges



Kiwi Dreams

Making Business Dreams come true.

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