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Kiwi Dreams | Online Development Management,Online Marketing | Tuesday August 16 2011

The Dunedin Chinese Garden is one of only a few authentic Chinese gardens outside of China and was gifted to Dunedin from the City of Shanghai and Chinese Government. The garden is operated by the Dunedin City Council as a tourist destination and is proudly a garden on national significance.

Until now, the Dunedin Chinese Garden has never had its own website, instead being included on the central website of the Dunedin City Council. Following our and others advice, the Dunedin City Council saw the importance of an independent website for the garden.

Kiwi Dreams was contracted to provide guidance to the Chinese Garden management around their digital marketing activity. Our suggestions were centred on using a mixture of traditional and social orientated methods to provide up-to-date, relevant and exciting content that will represent the vibrancy of the Garden as a tourist attraction, community facility, event centre and a culturally significant space.

We worked alongside members of the Dunedin City Council team to highlight and advise around the following areas of development, with the website and delivery being undertaken by the Dunedin City Council;


-       To detail the likely uses and subsequent users of the website and its purpose.

-       Create a site map highlighting page names, sections, subsections and relevant content themes for each page, as well as the key information required on the website.

-       Investigating suitable content delivery mechanisms

-       Ensuring the desired page journey for various users is established and on-page marketing is maximised.


Social Media

-       Selection of social media sites to be used.

-       Creative concepts, team training and operational guidelines.

-       Suggestions encouraging users to associate and engage through social media.


Wider Online Presence

-       To highlight sites utilised to review or mentioning the Chinese Garden online, then setting up accounts to monitoring their use and ensure accuracy in listings.

-       Investigate opportunities to create incoming links to the website and establish the likely funnelling of interested users and potential customers.

-       Help highlight a strategy around search engine optimisation.


Other associated areas

-       Online distribution/Wholesale distribution concept

-       Website based ticket sales and retail ecommerce functions

-       Trade/Agent Section of website


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